Adapters for filling media such as oil, petrol, diesel, air and other liquids in various forms. They are developed based on specific customer requirements. The main criteria for the production of adapters are: reliability, safety and ergonomics for comfortable work.

Adapter safety latches

Our products are used mainly in production plants, where the safety of employees comes first, and therefore our adapters are designed with safety sensors, safety locks and safety latches.

Safety latches work on the principle of securing the position or flow of media by pneumatic and electrical elements. These elements are also equipped with a sensing technique that evaluates the condition of the fuse.

Status identification and light signaling

The adapters are equipped with a light signal that shows the status of the filling process. The worker can easily find out at what stage the filling or other process is located according to the color LEDs. To activate the light signaling, we use a precise scanning technique for identifying the condition, such as :

– adapter in the filling position, pressure in the filling chamber, state of the safety latch, state of clamping of the filling adapter, state of media in the filling tanks …

Adapter safety holders

Adapters that are in production halls must also meet ergonomic requirements. Ergonomic requirements always include a storage place where the worker puts the equipment away after work. Our storage areas are also equipped with scanning technology that identifies whether the adapter is positioned correctly in its place. This is to prevent damage that can be caused by pulling the supply hoses and cables through a running conveyor technology or other workplace where they can be destroyed.

Also from the point of view of the safety of workers who could trip over stretched hoses and cables, we design holders that automatically get to a higher position where they do not interfere. Before you start working with them, they are automatically returned to the level so that the worker can use them again.

About us

Our company operates in the field of industrial automation. It deals with design, development, structural design, electrical installations and software engineering, according to customer requirements.

When solving projects, we work with the latest technologies, we provide comprehensive services from design to delivery of equipment to customers. Of course, our work is the delivery of the necessary documentation and training for the operation and maintenance of the supplied equipment.

The company further specializes in the implementation of specific applications, such as integration work and optimization of device functionality. AG Engineer is a guarantee of a complete systematic solution for your production.

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